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Manage climate and energy with a screen system

Screens contribute to a better climate and a lower energy bill. However, it is thereby important to choose the right system and the perfect fabric. Peet van Ruyven is familiar with all types of screen on the market. There is a good solution for your business too.

The ideal screen system is a combination of the correct drive mechanism with the best screens. Peet van Ruyven leads the field with its knowledge of screen technology. You can rely on objective and practical advice. Whether it relates to lifespan or cost, we can answer any question about motors. We have practical experience of the working of each type of screen and double and even triple folded screens. That experience guarantees a tailor-made recommendation.

Expert installation

You can leave the installation of the screen systems to our own engineers. They are well-acquainted with all types of greenhouse. They therefore know the exact specifications for perfectly installing a screen system. Today’s compact screen boxes allow the light unimpeded access to your greenhouse.