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Rebuilding your greenhouse one or 1000 kilometres away

A greenhouse which needs to make way for house building or another use is often not at the end of its technical lifespan yet. It would be a shame to demolish such a greenhouse, and also unnecessary. A greenhouse in good condition can last many more years at a different location, provided that it is professionally dismantled. Peet van Ruyven is skilled in the relocation of greenhouses as well.

Preparation is half the work. That is why we discuss all the details carefully with you beforehand. What point in the season is most suitable for dismantling and rebuilding your greenhouse? And what timetable is needed so that the survival of your business is not endangered unnecessarily? Once we get started you will notice that we regularly move entire greenhouses, whether its 10 or 1000 kilometres away. An experienced team are at your disposal. The entire greenhouse is carefully and effectively dismantled and properly packed for shipping.

Rapid construction

Once on site, there is another dedicated team ready to rebuild the greenhouse for you precisely to the existing specifications. The years of experience offered by Peet van Ruyven and its employees guarantee an efficient process. That makes relocating greenhouses a very appealing alternative to new-build in terms of cost!