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Pre-owned greenhouses

Pre-owned greenhouses which meet all requirements

Peet van Ruyven also dismantles greenhouses. Many greenhouses which need to be removed are still in excellent condition. The parts which are still usable are therefore perfectly suited for building a pre-owned greenhouse. This will give you a greenhouse which meets all the criteria for a much lower price!

A pre-owned greenhouse may have been written off, but is not yet worn out. The high quality of many materials means that greenhouses suffer virtually no wear nowadays. A pre-owned greenhouse is therefore an excellent alternative if you want to fulfil your plans in a financially appealing way. Your greenhouse will match the quality of a new greenhouse. It has to comply with the same quality criteria and greenhouse construction guidelines. You also have the same flexibility as when buying new: virtually any type that we build new can also be created using pre-owned parts.

Pre-owned systems as well

There is also a wide range of pre-owned systems available nowadays. From water technology to computers, you will always be opting for reliable quality. Every system has been fully checked and tested. That gives you the security of an attractive investment which will last for years!