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New greenhouses

The quality of traditional Dutch greenhouses, anywhere in the world

Peet van Ruyven builds greenhouses to Dutch standards. That means that they are designed in accordance with the latest technological insights, built using the newest materials and techniques. That gives you as a grower an advantage anywhere in the world.

The Netherlands is the home of greenhouse construction. It is the source of new inventions, and where new insights flourish. The entrepreneur who is looking for the certainty of a long-term investment sensibly opts for Dutch quality. Peet van Ruyven builds a complete range of greenhouses, from the well-known Venlo greenhouse and the widespan greenhouse through to the cabrio greenhouse. Building greenhouses is a bespoke business. The location, the crop and your ideas all play an important role. Once you sit down with Peet van Ruyven, your greenhouse will gradually take shape. Anything is possible: in terms of height, shape and dimensions, starting from just a few hundred square metres.

In-house design and engineering

Every greenhouse is designed in-house by engineers who are best able to interpret your wishes. Short lines of communication with the team preparing the work ensure that the schedule is planned down to the smallest detail. And wherever in the world we’re building, supervision will always be in the hands of Peet van Ruyven!

Of course you can also equip your greenhouse will all sorts of systems. Peet van Ruyven maintains contacts with the most important suppliers in the Netherlands and possibly also in your country. This allows systems to be integrated perfectly into the greenhouse design and suppliers’ schedules can also be matched to one another.