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Light for improved quality and a higher yield

Lighting systems can substantially improve a grower’s yield from his crop. Grow lights give a higher yield in the greenhouse and a better harvest quality. Identifying the correct system is a job for specialists. Peet van Ruyven has a lot of experience of lighting.

Grow lights take over the role of sunlight at times of the day when there is too little light coming in. Lighting is therefore essential in both floriculture and in many forms of vegetable cultivation. Assimilation lighting is developing rapidly. It requires a high level of expertise to combine the right light strength with the optimum fitting and reflector type.

The right combination of fitting and reflector

At Peet van Ruyven grow lighting systems are a standard part of our supply programme. We survey your requirements in consultation with our reliable regular suppliers. We then ensure a flawless installation. Peet van Ruyven is also able to service and maintain your assimilation lighting. Periodic maintenance of the fittings and reflectors increases the light yield and the lifespan. This means that you can get the full benefit from your lighting system.