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The right heating system for your horticulture business

In most countries heating is essential in order to create an optimum climate. But you don’t want to spend more money on energy that you have to. Peet van Ruyven is familiar with all modern types of heating system.

There are all sorts of heating systems. But what type is most suitable for your climate and your specific growing requirements? Peet van Ruyven provides a bespoke recommendation tailored on your project, which is guaranteed to strike a balance between optimum energy performance and cost. The rising cost of energy means that it is very more important to find good solutions for heating greenhouses. New, modern systems make it possible to save a great deal of energy whilst creating a perfect climate.

Optimum integration of the heating system

You can also rely on us for the installation. If it involves the building of an entire project, we ensure a streamlined integration between greenhouse builders and heating installers. The actual installation carried out by engineers who install your heating system down to the smallest detail, from the boiler room to the finishing touches in the greenhouse.