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Budget greenhouses

Combine new and used materials

You would like a new greenhouse. But you would also like a cost-effective solution to your needs. The solution is the Budget greenhouse from Peet van Ruyven. A greenhouse which is constructed using partly used materials and partly new materials. As good as new, at a very appealing price!

Peet van Ruyven uses only the best used parts to build Budget greenhouses. They are carefully selected during the company’s own dismantling projects. In many cases a greenhouse which is being dismantled is not at the end of its technical lifespan yet. Re-use is therefore an economically smart solution. When new materials can provide added value, Peet van Ruyven will opt for the quality of the new. This creates an ideal combination of used and new parts. That combination allows virtually any type of greenhouse that can be built from new to be created from recycled materials as well. With one big difference: the price that you pay is considerably lower, whilst Peet van Ruyven applies the same quality standards as for a new greenhouse!