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A word from our managing director

After a quarter of a century, I am still seeing the same thing: customers who are amazed that they get to talk to the person whose name is over the door. For me it’s the most obvious thing in the world - for a customer quite the opposite. They’re used to talking to a switchboard operator and then being passed to someone who is usually called an ‘account supervisor’ or some other fancy title nowadays. At Peet van Ruyven we like short lines of communication. From the initial advice through to the execution, we arrange everything through one point of contact. That means that valuable time and money are not squandered. With our base at the heart of the Westland region we are up-to-date with the latest technologies and innovations. And as a family firm we are also very closely involved with the assignments.

That makes Peet van Ruyven a different greenhouse builder from the builders you have encountered before. Personal, effective, pro-active. Precisely the characteristics that determine whether you are investing in a good greenhouse, or the best greenhouse. And as far as we are concerned, every business deserves the best greenhouse at a time like this. So contact Peet van Ruyven without obligation. I will be happy to talk to you too!